Stick-On Small Ulcer with Undermining

The "Stick-On Small Ulcer with Undermining" model is an educational resource specifically developed to illustrate the complexity of ulcers with undermining. This type of wound features deeper tissue damage extending beneath the surface of the skin and is often difficult to treat. The model, in a palm-sized format, provides a detailed and realistic simulation of such ulcerations.


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Weight 0,15 kg
Size 15 × 10,5 × 2 cm

Color 1, Color 2, Color 3, Color 4

Wound design

Clean wound, Wound with Coating

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Stick-On small

Self-adhesive silicone wounds are realistic training materials for medical exercises that stick to the skin or a practice dummy without glue. Available in three sizes, they enable the realistic simulation of various injuries for educational purposes in first aid and surgery. They are easy to apply and remove, ideal for use in medical education.
Small, self-adhesive models for the study and demonstration of small anatomical details. These models are versatile and can be used in various environments due to their size and ability to be cleaned.

Wound pattern and coloring

We produce our models exclusively on request, therefore we offer a colorization of the wound image on customer request. Please let us know if you have a specific wound image in mind for your project (e.g. hyperpigmentation such as athrophie blanche or a necrotic wound image).


We work with a whole range of modern materials. Organic structures are imitated with high quality silicone from the special effects industry. It has a very flesh-like feel. Frame structures are made of polyurethane. All materials used have high durability and longevity.

Handmade and 5 years Warranty

We manufacture all models by hand in Germany and deliver them sustainably with a five-year warranty.


Do not use sharp or pointed objects on the model. Do not expose to an open flame.


In the case of superficial soiling, the models can be cleaned with alcohol (e.g. isopropanol) or disinfectant.

Application areas

Our models have various applications – practicing treatment steps (wound preparation, wound bed management, etc.), demonstrating specific products (band-aids, etc.), and wound image description are possible. More comprehensive applications can also be demonstrated on the models. If a model that is not found in the catalog is desired, you can Custom Design inquire.