What we do

Our goal is to create as realistic 3D models as possible for the healthcare industry.


We develop our medical models in collaboration with medical experts and our long-standing customers. The lifelike moulages made of silicone are used in medical education. Thus, they can serve as skills trainers for practicing diagnoses and treatments, or for the demonstration of products in medical marketing.

Who we are

"I am Nick, and together with my wife Ernestine and co-founder Felix, we founded MEDICAL FX in 2014. We leveraged our experience from the film effects sector and have been working with some of the best artists and professionals in our industry for years. With our creative twelve-member team, we have been able to master every project so far. We are driven by the desire to create the world's most realistic simulation models - with plastic, paint, and ingenuity."

Nicholas Krützfeldt – CEO and Founder MEDICAL FX Germany

From the film set to the skills lab

Nick distinguished himself from a young age with his craftsmanship and self-taught skills. His fascination with the movie "The Lord of the Rings" led him to the creators, Weta Workshop, in New Zealand. There, he worked for nearly two years with some of the world’s best technicians in prosthetics and special effects, which gave him crucial skills. In search of a sustainable application and to improve the usability of makeup wounds, he initially developed self-adhesive wounds. Since then, he has steadily expanded the product range, both on his own initiative and in response to the desires of creative customers.


100% Made in Germany

All our models – No exceptions: We manufacture entirely in Germany.

We manufacture exclusively in Germany our production facility is located in Kirchlinteln, Lower Saxony.

Our products are not just packaged or only developed here, but from the first idea through research and implementation to export completely manufactured in Germany and prepared for transport. Genuine craftsmanship, genuine quality – Made in Germany!

100% Handmade

We achieve the high quality of our products with loving craftsmanship and an eye for detail.

Our simulation models are created through a unique combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology. The smallest details are masterfully designed by experienced artists: every model is still modeled in the traditional way with clay and painted with a brush. We work closely with medical professionals to ensure that our products match the real prototypes. Thus, teaching aids are created that combine quality, authenticity, and innovation.

Custom-made products

Creativity is our profession.

The core of our work is to develop plastic models that our customers need for their specific applications. If you also have a need for one of our custom-made products, please let us know. Our references include the largest companies and educational institutions in the healthcare industry. With us, you are in the best hands!