Dear customers,

my name is Nicholas Krützfeldt. Together with my team, I have been producing medical models for teaching purposes since 2015. 

Our anatomical models not only look highly realistic, they also feel that way. We use very high-quality materials for production..

We set ourselves apart from our competition by manufacturing everything 100% by hand in our factory in Germany.

We do not use any brands from distant countries. So we can guarantee absolutely sustainable products. You get this guarantee from me - because I ensure the satisfaction of my customers with a five-year warranty. So if there are any defects during this time, we will exchange our products for you - uncomplicated and fair  ➔ further information

In my team I work with excellent artists. Of course, they receive a permanent position with a fair salary - this is another way we clearly stand out from other creative businesses.

We are specialized in custom made products. This is also an advantage for you. If you need a suitable demonstration model for your application, we can make it for you - according to your wishes. Organic illustrations, cross-sections or silicone wounds: We make it. That is the reason why we successfully work with major customers like Paul Hartmann AG, Lohmann&Rauscher, Smith&Nephew or BBraun – as long-standing, reliable and creative partners ➔ References

With us you will find the original "Artificial Wounds" with the self-adhesive effect. You can quickly attach these to a mannequin during lectures or exams, for example. Completely without sticking and make-up. That is why our models have been in daily use in European universities and colleges for several years.

To emphasize our sustainability, we try to avoid waste. To compensate for the use of high-quality plastics such as silicone or polyurethane, we plant trees on our in-house compensation areas. After all, nature is very close to our hearts.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by Email We are looking forward to your contact.

Sincerely yours,

Nicholas Krützfeldt