What are artificial wounds?

Artificial wounds are models made of plastic. Reproduced are human skin and body parts with various injuries and wounds.

What do you need artificial wounds for?

The models are used in practical exercises. These include seminars and demonstrations, for example in skills labs at universities.

Companies use the models to demonstrate their own products, for example bandages. Therefore, the artificial wounds are also useful for trade fair presentations and field sales.

Where are the models produced?

The company is located in Verden (Aller) in Lower Saxony. Here, each model is designed and handmade.

Is 3D printing being used?

3D printing is used for mechanical parts, such as skeletal parts or moving parts and molded parts.

However, all skin textures and organic modeling are hand sculpted in clay and not 3D printed.

Which materials are used?

The finished model is mainly made of silicone and polyurethane.

Composite materials and modeling clay, among others, are used in the manufacturing process.

Who buys artificial wounds?

Nursing schools, universities, skills labs, and healthcare corporations and companies, among others.

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